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Dance club

16 very enthusiastic dancers met in swallowtails this lunch time for our first dance club. We started off with a dance move from Mrs Appleby to the chorus of Trumpets by Jason Derulo. We walked it through and then practised to the music. The children did very well keeping time and using both arm and leg movements. The children then got into groups of 3 to have a go at making up their own dance move to the same chorus.

We all watched each other's short sections of dance and fed back. Groups then joined together to improve their moves. The children thought very hard about involving the whole group, timing, dance levels, and using different body parts for different moves. 

We got a lot done in half an hour and I was super impressed with the children's enthusiasm and creativity.

Next week we will be choosing a song, thinking about the story of the song and then interpreting that into a dance choreographed by the children. Keep and eye out for short video clips and photos of our sessions.

Keeeeeeeeeep dancing (imagine a strictly style voice here!)