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Greek Mythology Club

Welcome Hellenic fans!


I am extremely pleased to be able to take a Greek Mythology club this term, as it has to be one of my most favourite aspects of history - so much so that I studied the Ancient Greeks at University.


We have a small but enthusiastic band of Ancient admirers, and so far we have created our map of Ancient Greece, gone through the main Greek gods and goddesses and looked at the Trojan War.  We have created small versions of all of the main characters in which we used to tell the tale of Homer's glorious tale.


We will soon look at other spin offs from the Trojan war, such as Odysseus' great journey to get home, as well as other tales; Jason and the Argonauts, Theseus and the Minotaur and Bellaphron and the Chimera, but to name a few.


After half term we will be retelling the story of the undisputed greatest Greek Hero that there ever was: Hercules (or Heracles as the Greeks referred to him as).


Heracles the Mighty!


This second half of the Spring term we have been learning about the undisputed greatest Greek hero that ever was... Heracles (Hurcules in Roman), and about his feats of magnificence in the form of his 12 labours. 


All six members have been making a video which is driven very much by their own wit and creativity.  Heracles the Mighty soon to feature... Watch this space.

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Athena - Goddess of Warfare

Athena - Goddess of Warfare 1