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This week we have been playing a brilliant games in maths club. It's good for mental calculating and problem solving as you have to work out where to put your counter to get three in a row AND how to stop your partner at the same time!!

Have a go at home - see if you can beat your parents!

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Today in maths club the children explored using numicon. Some of the children had used it before in class and some children had never used it so they had a chance to get it out and see what you could do with it. We thought about how we could use it to help us with calculation - multiplication and division. We also thought how we could use it for place value and Ben K and Katie had an interesting chat about decimal numbers! We are going to go on to make up some new games using the numicon for children across the school.
Some of the children have been leading games in our maths club. Last week Luisa and Lily invented a game based on Kung Fu Punctuation and they used this create a mental maths games called 'Kung Fu Maths'. The children were in partners with a Kung Fu master. The master asked a question and the competitors had to act out the number sentence using Kung Fu maths. The first to get the answer correct became the master! We all really enjoyed playing the game - as you can see in the photos!!

Kung Fu Maths

Children across Key Stage 2 meet on a Thursday lunchtime to have fun with maths. So far we have worked on some group problem solving that became quite competitive! The children have also led some of their favourite maths games for. If you fancy having a go see Katie, Danielle or Sophie and ask them to let you have a go at 'Maths Tag'. Why don't you have a go at the problem we were working on - Petra's Pizza. You have to use the information to find out what pizza Petra orders and how much it cost.


The Florentina costs the same as Petra has in money




The Margherita costs £4.50



The Mushroom pizza costs £4.95





The Florentina pizza is £1.25 more than the Margherita


Petra loves mushrooms, tomato, baked egg, peppers and all cheeses




The Quatro Formaggi is 55p less than the Reine Pizza


Olives only come with the Reine and Florentina pizzas




Petra was wearing her new trainers


Only 5 pizzas are available for take away



The Florentina has baked egg, spinach, olives, cheese and tomato




All the pizzas have cheese





Petra hates spinach and aubergines



No one in Petra’s family eats meat





Petra is allergic to olives



The Reine pizza costs 20p more than Petra has




Petra gets 35p change


The Reine pizza has ham, mushrooms, olives, tomato and mozzarella








The Reine pizza is not available on the take away menu


The Romana has roasted peppers and aubergines