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Play Leaders Club

This term began with the play leaders leading a whole school assembly explaining who they were, what their role was and how the playground was set up.

Following on from the assembly the play leaders have been very active in leading activities in each of the zones, introducing new sports such as hockey, hand ball and hula hooping. They have also been actively rewarding those children who have demonstrated excellent school values by issuing them with a special certificate during celebration assembly.

During our lunchtime meetings we have discussed issues, designed new games and ways for the play leaders to work more efficiently and ordered some vital playleader equipment.

I have been extremely impressed with the commitment and responsibility that the play leaders have shown this term giving up their lunchtimes to ensure other children enjoy theirs.

We have talked about a possible end of summer term treat for them as a reward for their commitment - details to follow next term.

I look forward to working with our 6 dedicated children next term when we can expand our zones to include the field :)