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Playleaders club

Mrs Appleby has started a new playleader club to support our current network of playleaders. This page will be dedicated to letting you know what is discussed at the meetings and sharing important messages from the playleaders.


Wednesday 19th November

During our first meeting we discussed what playleader's currently do and how playtimes work. We then thought about how we could improve the role, what skills we thought were needed and we brainstormed some new initiatives, discussing things like budget, competitions and scooters...!

Six children attended the club; James, Ben K, Bella, Jordan N, Tom and Millie and they were all very excited about some of the new things that being a playleader will involve.


Wednesday 26th November

Mrs Appleby and the rest of the club were pleased to welcome Taz, Jack and Sienna this week. At the meeting we looked at a zone map of the playground. We thought about good uses for the space and categorised the zones to make sure that we cater for everyone tastes at playtime.

The children designed a playleader rota and thought of different activities for the zones. There were some very interesting suggestions ranging from American football to bug hunting! We look forward to sharing our ideas with you when we return to school in the New Year.


Wednesday 3rd December

Today was play leader on the job training. They successfully set up 3 different zones - the competitive zone, the skills zone and the quiet zone.

Jack and Sienna took on the job of supporting the 3v3 football matches in the competitive zone and a fair queuing system was introduced so the children knew when they would be going on.

Tom ran some dribbling and shooting games in the skills zones and I was very impressed to see some awesome shots on goal by Oliver S.

In the quiet zone Bella and Millie took out some lego and giant beanbags so the children could chill out with a book. The boys in particular loved the lego and have requested a few other choices such as cars and kinnex.


Wednesday 10th December

Review time! We gathered around the table this lunchtime to discuss positives and negatives of the new lunch time zones and play leader roles. The play leaders raised some concerns over the behaviour of some children and the respect that they were being shown. We have decided to write some rules that can be shared with the children in our play leader assembly in the new year. The idea is that behaviour expectations are the same in the classroom as they are out on the playground. New certificates have been designed to reward children in accordance with our new school values and will be distributed by the play leaders in future celebration assemblies.