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Welcome to the Admirals Class page. The children in Admirals Class are aged 5 -7 and are in Years 1 and 2. Miss Banks is the class teacher as well as having Mr Horton in our class to help us. We do lots of fun learning in Admirals so make sure you visit the page often to see all of the wonderful things we have been doing. 


Welcome back after a lovely sunny Easter break. I hope everyone is refreshed and ready to go for another fabulous term of learning in Admirals. Our topic for the first half term is Oceans and Seas followed by Yo Ho Ho after May half term. The children will be learning about lots of things about oceans including how it can be fun and how we can keep safe. Our focus of learning during this first half term will be the Titanic and then we will explore the fantasy world of pirates after the half term break. As always a class newsletter will be sent home shortly which will allow you to find out more information about our topics over the next term.  


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.


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Admirals Summer Newsletter 2015

Admirals class newsletter Spring 2015

Admirals Autumn Newsletter 2014

Admirals Visit to St John's Church

Chicks hatching

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On Tuesday the chicks were left overnight to hatch. This video is a time lapse of 5 of the chicks hatching.

Jewish Food


Admirals had a visit from Mrs Peckham who came into our class with lots of different special food that Jewish people eat. We were luckily allowed to try all of the food. This is a recount written by Ellie D about the food tasting session.


This morning Mrs Peckham came in to teach us about Jewish food. We got to try the food. It was yummy. Firstly we tried the apple and honey which was tasty. Did you know they mostly eat apple and honey on the Jewish New Year? The honey represents a sweet New Year. Also my favourite was the beef sausages. They tasted like they had been roasted on a barbeque. Did you know Jewish people can't eat pork so they have beef ones? Also Jewish people can't eat shellfish. But they can eat fish with fins and scales. People who are Jewish eat Challah every Friday. The falaffel was a bit too spicy for me. But some people really liked it. The chopped herring, which I really didn't like, was eaten on Matzos which is a type of cracker. The fish balls were in batter. I didn't like them either. I was really excited when Miss Banks told us.

Safety Drama


Due to all of the building work going on outside of our classroom we thought it would be a good idea to learn about the important rules and to think about how we should behave around a building site. We created some drama performances and thought about what people might say if we did something we were not meant to do. We went to look at the building work outside and we have seen the crane from our window but we decided it was best to stay well back as we are not builders. Thankfully all of the children knew who to tell and what to do if they saw someone doing something they shouldn't. Well done Admirals. Take a look at our pictures below. 

Design and Technology


As part of our topic 'Fighting Fit' we have been exploring how to stay healthy and what we can eat to keep us healthy and fit. We have designed a fruit kebab and a salad and we even got to take them home and try. We tried to make our salads appealing to encourage people to eat them and we added a little bit of chocolate and sprinkles to our fruit kebab. Take a look at our food. Michelin starred chefs in the making! I hope you managed to try some as some of them looked delicious!

Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell


As part of our history topic, comparing the lives of significant people from the past, we had a visit from a nurse. Mrs Jenkins came in and talked to us about all of the important things she does as part of her job. She showed us the clothes she wears and we even got to try some of it on. She also showed us some of the very important equipment she uses. We look forward to comparing the nurses nowadays to nurses from the past.

Art and Design - Weaving

Maths in Admirals