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Welcome to Admirals' Class Page.


The children in Admirals class are aged 5-7 and are in years 1 and 2. Miss Lilly is the class teacher in Admirals. We do lots of fun learning so make sure you visit the page often to see all of the exciting things we have achieved.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Lilly.

Home Learning Week 14


Week 14’s home learning has included lots of transition activities to help get ready for the new classes in September. Including:

- writing transition letters to children joining the class and to new teachers

- creating a paper chain of themselves and their friends

- drawing and painting pictures inspired by the book ‘The Dot’

- making a jigsaw piece about themselves

They have also continued to take part in Hampshire School Games challenges and Route 66 to help keep active.


The children in school this week also had a visit from the ice-cream van! 

Week 14 Transition Week and House Captain's Day Photos

Home Learning Week 13


Week 13’s home learning has included:

- predicting what is going to happen in the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker and writing an opening using pictures from the story

- making vehicles from junk modelling or natural resources

- solving fraction problems in maths

- completing Hampshire School Games PE challenges focusing on physical and mental well-being

- making journey sticks which are collections of items found on a nature walk

- thought about the positives from lockdown and created posters of the skills and talents they have learnt and the special qualities they have discovered

Week 13 Home Learning Photos
Week 13 Bubble 1 and 3 Photos

Home Learning Week 12


Week 12's home learning has included:

- learning about God through the story of Jonah and the Whale

- solving money problems.

- creating posters for our school pond

- looking at healthy food choices and discussing food groups

- using different resources to create healthy food plates

- carrying out experiments to look at the effects of food on our bodies.

-  learning the song ‘When Jonah sank into the Sea’

Week 12 Home Learning Photos
Week 12 Bubble 1 Photos

Home Learning Week 11


Week 11's home learning has included:

- writing instructions on how to play a game.

- learning about what exercise does to our bodies and the benefits of exercising.

- adding and subtracting for maths.

- answer reading comprehension questions about the Olympics.

- completing sports day challenges.

- walking, running and cycling as part of the cluster schools route 66 challenge!
Sports Day (at home and at school)
Week 11 Home Learning Photos
Week 11 Bubble 1 Photos

Home Learning Week 10


 Week 10's home learning has included:

- inventing a new animal and writing about it.

- labeling parts of the body.

- completing addition work including, number bonds to 20, pairs of numbers to 100 and adding 3 one digit numbers.

- completing Hampshire School Games challenges.

- using Lexia programme to support reading.  

-  listening to Miss Lilly and Mrs Rowland read stories about animals.


Week 10 Bubble 1 Photos

Home Learning Week 9 


Week 9's home learning has included:

- writing a fact file about a minibeast

- creating minibeast themed art work using household objects

- completing place value work, which has included finding missing numbers in a sequence, writing numbers as words and finding 1 more and 1 less/10 more and 10 less

- creating minibeast themed obstacle courses

- going on minibeast hunts

- learning more about empathy on ‘Empathy Day’ 

Week 9 Bubble 1 Photos

Home Learning Week 8


 Week 8's home learning has included:

- writing a setting description from Hansel and Gretel.

- looking at work by the artist Vincent Bal and creating shadow drawings.

- completing place value problems, including estimating on a number line and ordering and comparing numbers.

- dancing to fun Disney videos.

- drawing and painting pictures of the positives in our lives, what we enjoy doing and what we are looking forward to.

Week 8 Bubble 1 Photos 

Home Learning Week 7


Week 7's home learning has included:

- writing a character description for one of the characters in Little Red Riding Hood.

- creating a piece of art inspired by the artist Claude Monet.

- making a thank you card for the staff at Southampton General Hospital.

- solving maths problems with doubling and halving.

- trying out different dance styles with ballet and hip-hop classes.

- answering quiz questions during our Google Meet.


Home Learning Week 6


Week 6's home learning has included:

- writing a letter to tell their teacher all about their favourite fruit and vegetables.  

- creating a piece of art work using food items in their house, similar to the work of artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

- learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

- completing a reading comprehension all about The Gruffalo’s Child.

- creating family house posters for PSHE.

- making music inspired by journeys to the moon.

Home Learning Week 5


Week 5's home learning has included:

- helping an alien out by writing instructions on how to plant a turnip.  

- creating a poster explaining how to look after a plant.

- focussing on solving division problems in maths.

- completing a reading comprehension to find out more about VE day.

- using Lexia to help with our reading.

- VE day activities including making decorations and baking!

VE Day Celebrations

Home Learning Week 4


Week 4's home learning has included:

- using the story ‘Supertato’ the children have written their own stories about a vegetable who is a superhero.

- learning about the life cycle of a plant.

- counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and learning their 2x, 5x and 10x table.

- looking at a front cover of a book and making predictions about the story.

- reading and writing split digraphs and compound words.

- keeping active with zumba, yoga and creating their own workouts.

Leo enjoys doing PE and whatever the weather it doesn't stop him exercising! 


Still image for this video

Home Learning Week 3


Week 3's home learning has included:

- playing ‘What am I?’ - we wrote about a fruit or vegetable and then the rest of the class had to guess what we had described.

- finding out about parts of a plant and drawing labelled diagrams.

- measuring weight, length and capacity.

- creating pictures of what we love about earth for ‘Earth Day’.

- listening to Miss Lilly reading stories about vegetables and plants.

- finding out about our family for a PSHE activity.

Home Learning Week 2


Week 2's home learning has included:

- writing a poem about our school values for the Oratory cup

- completing Hampshire School Games PE challenges

- finding out about food chains and drawing some of our own

- using objects at home to use for instruments and creating our own rhythms to music

- listening to Miss Lilly reading stories about Australian animals

- completing daily maths work involving money


Home Learning Week 1


We thought we would share all of the wonderful things that Admirals have been up to while we haven't been able to be at school. It has been great to keep in touch with everyone in Amazing Admirals!


Week 1's home learning has included:

- writing diary entries about what we have been up to

- finding out more about Australian animals and the habitats they live in

- creating art work by making a collage using objects found outside

- listening to Miss Lilly reading us different stories and poems

- completing daily phonics and maths work

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