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Welcome to the Admirals Class page. The children in Admirals Class are aged 5 - 7 and are in Years 1 and 2. Miss Banks is the class teacher as well as having Caroline, Miss Day and Miss Lewis in our class to help us. We have lots of fun learning in Admirals so make sure you visit this page often to see all of the wonderful things we have been doing.


Summer is well and truly on its way and it's hard to believe we are beginning to approach the end of the school year. This short half term has lots of exciting learning waiting to take place. In the second week of this half term Admirals and Skippers are going to the zoo! Here we will begin our termly topic of animals where we will begin to look at big animals. Our class newsletter will be handed out at the beginning of the half term for more information regarding Admirals' learning. 


Admirals Class Newsletter Summer 2014

Admirals Class Newsletter Spring 2014

Admirals Autumn Newsletter 2013

Admirals Dance Day.mp4

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Admirals Dance Day 2

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Admirals Dance Day

When Vicar James came to visit...

The Great Fire of London

Admirals' Fairy Tale

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On castle day the children in Admirals made and helped direct a fairy tale movie trailer. Take a look above. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it!

These children were awarded an OUTSTANDING for their effort with their diary writing today. Have a look at what they wrote...


Henry - Year 2 - Diary of a Knight


Dear Diary,


Today I awoke and got dressed and went down stairs it was a lovely day outside. When I went outside my mates were fighting. I quickly ran inside and got my armour from the blacksmith and then ran to my room and got my shield and sword. Thirdly I went to the stables and got my horse then galloped into battle. My mates were winning. I said "Well done mates." When we came back it was lunch time. After lunch I did some jousting with my friend, his name was George. He was my friend when I was a squire. It was getting dark when we had finished so we went to the king and asked if we could go to bed and he said "yes".

Knight Henry


Minnie - Year 1 - Diary of a Princess


Dear Diary,


Today I woke up out of my princess bed. Then I had bread and cheese. Then I got in my princess dress and I went on my horse called Rosie and I rode off. Then I sang on my horse. I said hello to the knight. Then I went to Princess School. Then I said hello to my friend. Then I went back to the palace. Then I said to the Queen I'm going to pop my crown on.

Princess Minnie

Castles and Knights

King John's House


I went to King John's House yesterday. First we went on a treasure hunt. It was fun. We looked at the different materials and we made lavender bags.


By Arthur, Year 1


I went to King John's House with the rest of Admirals class on Tuesday 8th October 2013. Admirals were going on a trip. That morning I scrambled into school. I was excited! First we had to be told some rules. Miss Banks put us into groups. I was with Aaron, Harriet and my group was with my mummy called Emma. She is kind. Then we set off on our journey, I mean adventure by the way. When we got there we sat down and had the register. After that we went on a treasure hunt. We had a piece of paper and had to match the picture to the thing. Then we came back into our group for lunch. After lunch we made lavender bags that smelt lovely! We got to take them home. Then it was time to go but ... we had to wait for Minnie's mum and Gracie's dad. When they arrived we went back to school. I was sad because the adventure had ended! Would you like to go there?


By Sophie, Year 2