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Autumn 1

This half term we will be exploring the enquiry question – How could we get there? As part of our topic we will be learning all about the different ways to travel linking together Understanding the World with Science, History and DT. We will be exploring how transport has changed over time and how this has effected our lives today. We will be looking at different famous people throughout history, focussing in on the life of Amelia Earhart. In DT we will be investigating how different vehicles are made to help us plan and build our own vehicle with wheels and axles for a big race day that the children will design.


We began our computing topic today which is called 'We are treasure hunters'. The children will be learning to understand that a toy can be programmed by putting in a set of instructions and learning how to programme toys to follow a set sequence.

Today we explored the BeeBots. The children learnt how to input instructions, how to make them go and most importantly how to clear the set of instructions to start again. They also had a go at using the app on the Ipads which again involved inputting a series of instructions to guide the BeeBot along a certain route.

Skippers First Week


We are so proud of the children in Skippers class this week. The new children joining the class have come into school so well it's like they have been coming forever! They have joined in with everything we have been doing and taken in so many new things; routines, names, places in the school and learning the school rules. The year 1 children have been fantastic at helping the new children settle in; involving them in their play, showing them where things belong and helping them learn all about being a Skipper. Alongside this they have started a new English topic based around the book 'Journey', started Lexia, followed instructions to independently make their own pay dough and used loose parts to investigate different ways to make numbers. Wow - what a jam packed first week!