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Autumn 1

Swallowtails became scientists and archaeologists this week, what a fabulous week it was too! In science we continued to look at rocks especially organic matter in rocks and how we can identify it through science. The children used a fair test model and recorded their results. We had reports of a Stone Age settlement on the grounds of Lockerley School, so we investigated. Amongst the ancient woodland we uncovered bones, fossils and Stone Age tools and weapons, along with some modern-day objects. We have just completed our setting description for 'Boy with a Bronze Axe' and are looking forward to writing our diary entry. We are looking at money in maths, especially using addition and subtraction, so any help at home would be greatly appreciated.

What a busy week we have had in Swallowtails! The children have been learning about the 3 types of rock in Science using a particular catchy tune. In French, they can now talk about the weather. Maths has continued with us exploring place value. Swallowtails have been challenged with timelines and chronological order in History, with some fun discussions about when events happened. Ukulele is the instrument of the term in Listen2Me, the children learnt clapping back and strumming. Swallowtails were also able to name all the parts of the ukulele and where it originated from. Boy with the Bronze Axe and Stone Age Boy has led to some great character description writing in English, using expanded noun phrases. All of the children are getting into the routine of Keystage 2, which has impressed all of us. 

The children have settled into class really well and are already proving how ready they are to be in lower key stage 2. The first few days were getting to know each other and getting used to the class routines including volunteering for class duties. This week, they have all come in ready to learn and have impressed us all with their enthusiasm. In maths we have reintroduced ourselves to numbers and place value. We have started our English text 'Boy with the Bronze Axe'. In guided reading we are exploring Stone Age Boy. Rocks has been our science investigation this week, where we became rock detectives for the afternoon. Our first tennis session was enjoyed by all, and the weather certainly helped. What a fabulous start to our school year, you should all be very proud.