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Christmas Holiday Homework



For the Christmas holidays the children have two pieces of homework. There is an activity set for them on Mathletics which they need to complete and they need to continue to practise their times tables. 


For English they were given their spelling sheet attached to their newsletter. They need to make sure they can read all of the words on the list, and learn the definitions of the words they do not know. If they are one of the children who know all of the words they should look at the spellings of the words to make sure they can spell them. 

House Captain Homework 07.09.16

House Captain Homework 14.09.16

Year 5 and Year 6 Homework 21.09.16

Friday 21st October - Mrs Barnes Maths Group

Earn a Mathletics Bronze Certificate by the end of half term (1000 points from Sunday to Sunday).