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Autumn 2

During this half term we will be thinking about all the different Christmas traditions we have, which ones are special to us and trying to answer our topic question 'What's the best way to celebrate Christmas?'. In History we will be looking at how traditions have changed over time and when different traditions were introduced in this country. Mrs Ashbolt, the dietician, will be visiting us to talk about the Eat well plate and then in DT we will be designing a healthy christmas dinner. We will also practise our food technology skills to make our own mincemeat. Throughout the half term the children will also be busy preparing for the end of year Nativity.

Tree Planting


The whole school were invited to 'Water Farm' to plant trees in one of their fields to help soak up all the moisture over the coming years. Skippers and Admirals went together in the morning, setting off fully kitted out in wellies and waterproofs which were definitely needed for the walk! The children each got to plant a tree in a pre dug hole, add a label with their name on and then protect it from the local wildlife with a sheath and a wooden steak to help it grow straight. We talked about the children being able to go back and visit the trees many years from now and find their tree with their name label on. We got a little cold and muddy so treated ourselves to some yummy hot chocolate when we got back to warm us up!

Mrs Ashbolt came to visit

On Wednesday Mrs Ashbolt (Miss Ashbolt's mum) come into class to talk to us about the 'Eatwell plate'. Mrs Ashbolt is a Dietician who talked to us about healthy eating and eating things in moderation. She bought a big bag of food in for us to talk about and decide where about it should go on the Eatwell plate.


We are very lucky this half term to have coach James in to work with us. We started our first session with some listening games where we also learnt the names of some muscles in our body. After we had warmed up our listening ears we warmed up the rest of our bodies with some fun running around games. We then went on to practise some sending and receiving skills using both parts of our bodies and bats. We are looking forward to our next session.