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Autumn 2

Week 7


We made it!!!! The children have really shown a great level of commitment and calm this week. Swallowtails had their Roman Day and the children all looked amazing, we managed to finish our English writing based on Boudica, design and make our own shields, add Roman numerals to our clocks and march as a Roman soldier. KS2 walked to Green View and sang carols to the residents, it was enjoyed by residents and children alike. We have been fortunate enough to have a local artist visit us and demonstrate Celtic Knots. It would be really helpful at home if you could encourage reading, writing and time telling with your children. Have a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Week 6


Nearly there! The children have a worked really hard this week in all their learning. They have been re-introduced to time again, so any help at home would be really useful to your children. In English, the children are writing their narratives - based on Queen of Darkness, they have developed some amazing plot twists. Our walk to Water Farm was lovely, the children thoroughly enjoyed planting trees and we all are looking forward to returning in the spring. We were fortunate to watch the nativity performed by KS1, they all did a spectacular job.

Listen2Me - Ukulele concert start

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Listen2Me Concert - Ukulele

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Week 5

Christmas has arrived in Swallowtails, with Espen, our kindness elf, visiting again. The children were very excited to play the ukulele for their concert, recorded and on the website. In maths we have continued geometry, looking at 2D and 3D shapes, year 3 even made 3d shapes to decorate the class tree. We are enjoying our text - Queen of Darkness- and have written a setting description in preparation for our narrative write. Shadows were our investigation in science, the children were able to investigate why shadows appear longer or shorter. Swallowtails have been practising marching in formation like a Roman soldier, they have researched what life was like for a soldier in the Roman Army.

2D and 3D shape, Roman conscience alley (join the Romans or remain with the Celts)

Week 4

It has been an incredibly busy week in Swallowtails/ The children have completed their newspaper reports on Pompeii, which were excellent. The children used their own success criteria to check off what was required and had their peers check their work. In maths we have continued with fractions, including making our own equivalent fraction wall. History has seen us continuing to look at Roman life including significant people from the past - Julius Caesar- whom the children researched important facts about. They have also been tasked with designing an epaulette for a new Roman army, this involved sketching, making a pattern, selecting materials and learning a few sewing techniques. The children have nearly completed their designs and will wear them with pride on our Roman day (date tbc). During Listen2Me Christmas songs have made an appearance ready for our recording, they have worked so hard, learning 3 chords and singing too. If you are able o donate ay items to Swallowtails' Christmas hamper it would be greatly appreciated, especially as we are in competition with Emperors.

Week 3

What an eventful week! Swallowtails have concluded their learning of the Iron Age and have moved onto The Romans. The children viewed and drew artefacts from Roman life, with the favourite item - the sponge on a stick. The children have really thrown themselves into their history learning. In maths, we have introduced fractions and the children have worked really hard on proving what they know. Science saw us continuing to look at light but with a practical lesson based on mirrors, they had some fun challengers to do. English has seen us continuing to look at Escape from Pompeii in preparation of our newspaper report. Have a fabulous weekend.


Roman Artefacts

Week 2

Another busy but fun week in Swallowtails. In Religious Education we have been learning about the Hindu festival Diwali - The Festival of Light. The children have written about the five days of Diwali and how families celebrate, they have made traditional sweets called Khajur Burfi, diva pots to hold a candle and coloured in Rangoli patterns. Maths has seen the children continue to learn multiplication and division using arrays and number-lines. For English, the children have been learning about different sentence types and how to use them - ready for our newspaper report.  We had all the gym equipment out for PE this week, which the children loved. It was great to see how much they have learnt over the autumn term. Next week promises to be another fun filled week, so have a lovely weekend.

Week 1 - We started the week with a sparkle and spooky vibe. In maths we were revisiting place value and then moved onto multiplication and division using arrays. We studied the art of Paul Klee who used collage to good effect, the children produced their own artwork. We had a visitor, Eden - an estate agent, who came in to advise and critique our stone age house sale brochures. The children were totally engaged with Eden and her suggestions. Swallowtails started their English text ' Escape from Pompeii' and all the children are totally enthralled by the story. We have looked at the features of a newspaper. setting descriptions, powerful verbs and expanded noun phrases.. Light is our investigation in science and we looked at sources of light. In PE the children did multi-sports and gymnastics.