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A visit from Father Christmas

Skippers made bird cakes during our topic about 'pets'. We mixed bird seed, lard and biscuit together and placed the mixture in a cup which we put in the fridge to become solid. The children enjoyed taking them outside and hanging them on a tree for the birds to enjoy. Mr Dodson came with us to see what we had done. We are looking forward to spotting whether the birds have been enjoying their tasty treats we made them. 

Skippers made witches hats with Nanny and we made our very own brooms using sticks we found and hay.

People Who Help Us

Number Hunt!

Skippers went on a number hunt around the school this week. They found numbers on clocks, the photocopier, displays, books and even photographs.

Autumn leaf hunt!

Skippers don't mind a little rain, so on Monday afternoon we went outside on an Autumn walk looking for leaves. We talked about what happens to leaves in Autumn and collected some that were interesting to us. Back in class we spent some time drawing our leaves and choosing the correct colours to colour them in. Most of our leaves were either yellow, brown or green and they were all wet!

Skippers First Day

Skippers had a great first day at school. Everybody was busy exploring the classroom and finding out what there is to do and play with. We began going through our routines and talked about what a skipper is! We all had a really enjoyable day and can't wait to see what else we will do this week!