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As you will know, our topic this half term is The Rainforest and we have made an excellent start! We have already...


Adopted a Gorilla with the WWF

Ihoho is a Mountain Gorilla who lives on the outskirts of the African Rainforest . We will be receiving regular updates on how is is doing including information on how we are helping him and other endangered species by being members of the WWF. If you would like to find out more, visit their website 


Signed up to Sky's 'I Love Amazon Schools'

Sky's Rainforest Rescue looks to help with issues facing Rainforests such as deforestation. By signing up, we receive lots of information and useful resources to help discover as much as we can about the Rainforests of the world. To find out more information and resources visit their website: 

Geography - Where are the world's Rainforests?

Geography - Where are the world's Rainforests? 1
Geography - Where are the world's Rainforests? 2
In Geography, we used atlases to find out where the rainforests are in the world. We looked at the different countries as well as each of the continents. 
We have been looking at fabulous fractions! We found out about unit and non-unit fractions, found fractions of shapes and even found fractions of numbers!
In RE, our theme was creation. We found out about creation stories from different religions including Christianity and Hinduism. We also heard the Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' story and created art to illustrate this. 

History - The Roman Legacy

Our topic for the second half term is 'The Romans'. In history, we are investigating how the Romans changed Britain. So far, we have found out about Roman buildings, language and even Roman toilets!