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Autumn Term 1

This half term our discover topic question is 'What if London hadn't burnt down?'. In history we will be looking at The Great Fire of London and learning about how the fire started and what caused it to spread so quickly. We will also be paying close attention to the significance of key figures such as Thomas Farriner and Samuel Pepys. In DT we will be experimenting with different materials and making our own fire engines.  


During this half-term we have been busy investigating the suitability of different materials. This week we investigated which material is the best for making a tent. In order to do this we had to test which materials were waterproof as well as looking at their wind proof qualities. After this we wrote about our observations. Thank you to Miss Edwards for making our Science lessons so fun!

We made fire engines!

During DT this half term we have been learning about how to make fire engines. We've experimented with different materials, tried out a range of joining methods, and looked at how to join wheels to axels. On Monday we were lucky enough to have a DT day where we got to make our own fire engines! In the morning we got busy making the body of our fire engines whilst Miss Ashbolt helped us to use a saw to cut the dowel for our axels (Don't worry, we've still got all of our fingers!) In the afternoon we were able to paint our fire engines to really help bring them to life. After leaving them to dry over night, we had the opportunity to test our fire engines to see how well they moved. This then enabled us to evaluate our fire engines. Excellent work Admirals! 


English and History

This week Admirals went time travelling back to 1666 to the time of The Great Fire of London, meaning that we had to make our own time travelling hats! Once we were ready, we went looking for a mysterious box hidden somewhere in the school. We wondered what we were going to find inside it? Inside the box we found a diary entry, wine and cheese which Samuel Pepys had buried before he fled from the fire. Reading Samuel Pepys’ diary has inspired us to write our own diary entries in the coming weeks. Alongside our time travelling, we have been lucky enough to have a Great Fire of London history box to explore! There were so many artefacts to look at. We had lots of fun pretending to use the water buckets to put out the fire, although our favourite part was definitely getting to dress up as Samuel Pepys. Did you know that after The Great Fire of London happened, people which displayed a plaque outside their house to show that they were with the Sun Insurance Company were the only houses to be protected if another fire occurred?

Indoor PE

In indoor PE this half term we are dancing! As our topic work is based on The Great Fire of London, we are creating sequences of movement that help us re-tell the events of the fire. This week our first step was to put three moves together showing us working in the bakery mixing the ingredients, kneading the bread and carrying heavy trays. We then moved out to the streets of London as the fire was beginning to spread. We leapt around the room pretending to be sparks, with this then moving into us getting together to illustrate one big ball of fire. Finally we became the water pumps that were used in an attempt to put out the fire. This resulted in us getting into pairs and alternating our movements as one person stood up and the other person pushed the pump down.


As part of our work in maths on place value we have been representing numbers from 0-100 using a range of maths resources. We found that it took longer to represent large numbers by using multilink than it did if we used numicon or our base-10 dienes. Here are some photos of us using different resources to represent a range of numbers!



In English we are looking at the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' - a rather silly animal to try and wash if you ask us! Over the coming weeks we will be writing our own instructions which will involve us using imperative verbs (or as we like to call them, bossy words!). This week we have started to explore the book, with one of our lessons requiring us to act out the story. We had lots of fun pretending to be Woolly Mammoths!