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Autumn Term 1


In History we have been learning about how the Maya wrote numbers, and we recreated them using sticks, pebbles and shells, as they did. Their number system was much more complicated than ours, meaning we had to use our 20 and 400 times tables!


Skippers and Emperors were really excited to be able to spend some time together this week, with most of Emperors taking on the responsibility of being a buddy. We all enjoyed break times together as well as reading to each other. This is something that we're looking forward to doing every week!


Our main question for this term is "What is the best invention?" and to help us think about this, we studied some really 'historical' items including VHS tapes, cassette tapes and floppy disks! How quickly technology changes! This linked to our new History topic for this half term, which is the Maya Civilisation. We studied real artefacts hired from Hampshire History and learned about what they were used for. These included a triple mask (showing childhood, adulthood and death), a spinner with gourd, and a representation of a Maya pyramid, which they used for human sacrifice. We thought about how all of these link to our class text Rain Player, and thought about how modern life differs from Maya culture. We also learned how to play the Maya game of pok-a-tok, where a ball is moved without using hands or feet and points are scored at end zones or through a suspended hoop. We found this game to be very competitive, especially as there are fewer rules than modern sports, but it was also fun. Thankfully the traditional punishment of being offered as human sacrifices was not in place for the least successful team! 


Emperors started the term by learning about God, and what it means for Christians to worship Him. We had a go at designing our own gods, thinking about what traits we thought were important, and we talked about gods we knew from films or television. We were really lucky to be able to visit St John's Church, and there we learned about the different symbols including stained glass windows, pulpit and font. We thought about how important God is to Christian life, and we even got to taste communion wafers! We ended our topic by reading some extracts of the Bible and finding examples of God being represented as Holy, loving and eternal.