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Autumn Term 2

This half term our discover topic question is 'How do we celebrate Christmas?' In History we will be looking at how different people celebrate Christmas, as well as reviewing how our traditions have changed over time. In DT we will begin by learning about healthy eating, with this leading into us food tasting and making our own mincemeat. We will also be exploring freestanding structures. 

Our trip to Mottisfont

What an amazing trip we had to Mottisfont on Tuesday! We began our day by visiting both the winter garden and the rose garden. We couldn't quite believe how many species of rose there are! After this we went inside Mottisfont Abbey to see all of the beautiful Christmas decorations. Some of the baubles were nearly as large as our heads! It was interesting to compare how different/similar the decorations are to the ones that we have at home. Then of course it was lunch time - a very important part of the day is you ask us. After lunch we made our way to the start of the Percy the Park Keeper Winter Wonderland trail. This began with us helping Percy and his friends find all of the welly boots that they had lost in the woods - there were 28 in total. We then found some dens that Percy and his friends had made! From here we followed the trail to the top of the hill where we found some games that we could play. One of these included seeing how many sprouts we could throw into a load of wheelbarrows. Our trail finished with us finding Percy's hut. Inside the hut we found his bed and a load of Christmas presents. Well done Admirals for showing great teamwork and being so well behaved - you have done Lockerley Primary School proud!

Tree Planting 

On Wednesday we were invited down to Lockerley Water Farm to plant our own trees that will help soak up all of the water over the coming years! The volunteers at the site helped us to dig holes in the ground so that we could plant our saplings. After this we compacted the ground by carefully stepping on it. Then we placed a name label around our sapling along with a wooden stake and a sheath to protect it from the local wildlife. We are looking forward to returning in the spring to see how they've grown!


In DT we have been practising our chopping, peeling and grating (thankfully with no injuries!) We had to peel a banana, peel and chop a carrot, grate an apple and pull apart the segments of an orange. Alongside all of these knife skills we were allowed to try the fruits and vegetables. The oranges were especially juicy! We can't wait to put what we have learnt into our festive baking in the coming weeks.


In maths we have been measuring and comparing the lengths and heights of different objects. Miss Ashbolt asked us to investigate whether the length of our foot is the same as the distance between our elbow and our wrist. To do this we worked in pairs to help measure each other. We used tape measures, and it was very important that we used the side with the centimetres on. Overall the majority of our results showed that the length of our foot is not the same as the distance between our wrist and elbow. To explain this fully we put our data into number sentences, using the <, > and = symbols to show if one result was greater than/less than the other.


In PE we are fortunate enough to have a sports coach coming in every Tuesday to teach us multi skills. We are focusing on our throwing, running, catching and teamwork skills. So far we have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, and are already looking forward to our next one. Keep coming back to this post to find pictures from each week!   


Our new DT topic begins with us looking at healthy eating, and we were lucky enough to kick it all off with a visit from a Dietitian - a.k.a Miss Ashbolt's mum! We were given a range of different foods and had to try and work out where they go on the eatwell plate. From here, Mrs Ashbolt taught us about all of the different food groups that are illustrated on the eatwell plate, with the size of each section indicating how much of that type of food we should eat each day. Did you know that it is important that we have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day? We are looking forward to putting our learning into good use and making healthy choices at meal times and snack times. Thank you to Mrs Ashbolt for coming in to teach us!