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Autumn Term 2


The Christmas Spirit has continued in Emperors, as we have enjoyed reading The Christmas Pig! It even inspired our hats for Christmas lunch! Merry Christmas from Team Emperors!


We have been getting into the Christmas spirit by making times tables paper chains! We used different colours to represent each digit, noting that some make festive patterns! Joseph, Barnaby and Alfie went the extra mile by working out the 14 times table, and Grace and Adam made the 17 times table. They look amazing!

Beaulieu Visit

As part of our Victorian History Topic, we visited Beaulieu Motor Museum, In the morning, we travelled to Palace House by traditional bus, and learned about the roles of servants in the Victorian era. Many of us are of working age (10+), so were encouraged to apply to be house maids, kitchen maids or footmen. We also enjoyed the preparations for Christmas, and learned what Victorian children received in their stockings, and how they decorated their trees. In the afternoon, we learned about the Victorian invention of the motor car, and how it developed into the vehicles we know today.  We learned a lot, and worked really hard, so earned a trip on the monorail to finish off an excellent day.


We have continued our learning about Street Child, and prepared a short acted scene for Admirals Class. This was tricky, as one of the characters is quite scary, so we had to think about how we could make sure our script was appropriate for our audience. We also had to think carefully about how we introduced characters that we know well to children that have not been reading the book. Admirals enjoyed our acting so much that we have been invited back soon! Here is an example:

Street Child

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This week started very strangely for Emperors Class, as we took part in Victorian Day. Our lovely bright classroom was transformed into a plain dull room, we dressed up in Victorian clothes, and had to sit in rows. We worked in silence all morning, practising our handwriting, reciting times tables, and reading. We completed drills outside, which included marching the perimeter of the playground, but we were fortunate enough to earn a short play time using skipping ropes and playing hopscotch. We were then treated to a lesson where we were allowed to sketch leaves...again in silence! We had to stand up every time an adult entered the room, we had our finger nails inspected, and metre rulers were used to help us improve our posture. If we got answers to questions wrong, we had to wear the dunce's cap, and if we were really disobedient, we "received" the cane! Luckily none of us were hoisted to the ceiling in the punishment basket, or were sent to the workhouse. We learned a lot from this experience, although most of us were glad it only lasted the morning! We have continued to learn about Victorian history including looking at our school's punishment book, where we saw that children really had received the punishments that we learned about on Victorian Day! We all agree that we are lucky to go to school in 2021!

Football Festival

9 girls from Emperors represented Lockerley at a Test Valley Cluster football festival. Many of them had never played football before, but enjoyed a sunny afternoon learning lots of new skills and techniques, which they were able to use to win their football match! We are all really proud of them!


In P.S.H.E, we read The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig. In this book, a child feels invisible at school, and is not included in activities. Mrs Clark was really proud of how maturely we discussed this text, and we were inspired to create a colourful display to help us think about how we can stop children feeling invisible, especially on the playground.


Here are some examples:


To link with our History Topic of the Victorians, we have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty, a book that focuses on a Victorian child called Jim. We have learned about his treatment in a Workhouse, which also our History focus this week, and thought about questions we would ask him if we could. We also created a 'conscience alley', where Fay and Joseph took on the role of Jim, and the rest of the class tried to persuade them to either remain at the Workhouse or try to escape.


Emperors have enjoyed starting two new topics in P.E. We are really lucky to have a James, a sports coach, come in to teach us multi-skills. We are learning to develop our throwing, catching and batting skills, as well as how to work together in a team. In gymnastics, we are learning to develop our travelling, including different types of jump such as straddle, tuck and star. 


Emperors and Swallowtails have enjoyed the start of the new half term, and made the most of our Spooks and Sparkles day by working together on a Hallowe'en Art project. We looked at the expressionist art of Paul Klee, and thought about how he has used different shapes and resources to create eerie effects. We then tried to recreate his Full Moon piece using a mixture of card and paper for collaging, and wax pastels to add spooky shadows and textures. We all enjoyed working together in the Hall and were really proud of our art work!