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Be Active Day

Skippers have been very busy today learning all about how to live healthy and active lives. 

The day started with us talking in groups about what we knew about our new topic and thinking of some questions that we want to find the answers to during our learning. For example, how do we grow? How much sleep do we need?

After this, while some children got to invent their own smoothie recipes the rest of us went outside for some scooter fun! Then we swapped over! Mrs Rowland was delighted that the children were so keen to try lots of different fruits in their smoothies and was very impressed with the children's love of spinach both neat and in the smoothies!

Following some yoga and mindfulness with Caroline while the rain poured down, we went back onto the big playground with our scooters and played more games; follow my leader, races and cops and robbers. We then headed back to skippers playground to test out the new gym role play full of a wide variety of sports equipment. I thoroughly enjoyed playing cricket, tennis, catch and many more games with the children, after I had filled in my gym registration with Jamie at the desk of course!

Throughout the day we talked about how our bodies change when we are exercising and what we need to do following being active.