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We have all safely arrived at Calshot and have enjoyed a busy fun packed day. The children all started by sorting out their rooms and making their beds (some gave the teachers fun to watch). Finally they all successfully managed to organise themselves though. The children were then introduced to their instructors and taken on a tour around the site whilst the teachers had their own briefing. We all joined for a delicious lunch and then back to their rooms for a short time.


This afternoon the children split in to their groups with all of them taking turns to participate on the low ropes, some shooting and some climbing which they thoroughly enjoyed. Whilst I write this this the children are sliding down the ski-slope on rubber rings (with instructors) and orienteering around the hangar.


We have already had a few children ask to go to bed and they look shattered (a good sign for us teachers)!! We will try and update you every evening on here. Please take a look at the photos below from today!!



The children woke up exceptionally early this morning (some at 5:30) however they were well behaved and stayed quietly in their own rooms until it was time to get dressed. We all walked down to the dinning hall to have a huge cooked breakfast and then finished getting ready for all of our activities.


The children split into their groups and some started with shooting and archery whilst others had their chance to climb and ski.


The weather was fantastic yesterday afternoon (as can be seen in the pictures) and the children loved every second of kayaking in the sea. Getting the wet suits on succesfully was the hardest part at the start. When the children had finished they had to carry the kayaks back to the hangar and it was very obvious how tired they were but also how happy there were.


The children slept very well last night with most falling asleep straight away.



The children have had another fun packed day today where they all started together completing separate parts of the initiative courses. The children then moved back into groups to have a go at the archery and skiing activity they hadn’t had a chance to complete yet.


After lunch the children all had a go at being suddenly dropped as part of the team swing exercise which saw them create some extremely funny faces. They loved it though!


This afternoon the children split into groups again with the first group taking part in the pool crossing in which they had to build a bridge over the pool and then test it out. Some were tricked in to waving (with two hands at the same time) and the pictures show the result.


The children are now participating in a beach scavenge activity and finding lots of fun and exciting things. Take a look at the pictures!!



Today the children were much harder to wake up in the morning and a few of them needed that extra nudge!! However, once up and fed the enthusiasm resumed and they had yet another action packed day.


We started together with a mixture of climbing and abseiling followed by splitting into our groups for the final activity sessions (skiing for some and pool cross for others).


This afternoon all the children had the chance to enjoy the sunshine and cool off in the cold sea water whilst sailing their own boats in pairs. The pictures show the fun they had.


The children are shattered this evening and a few are currently watching the England football match whilst the rest are tucked up with duvets, pillows and bean bags watching a film and some are fast asleep meant to be watching the film.


We are all looking forward to orienteering tomorrow morning and then coming for our final lunch meal and then getting on the coach to come home. The children have missed you all greatly.



The children went Orienteering in the New Forest today which was extremely exciting and a great challenge as they raced each other to get to all of the marked points and back to the finish to be the winner. Of course Miss East's group won and were the first back, even in the last hardest challenge!!