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Friday 29th March 2019


Swallowtails were privileged to have a Cricket coaching session from James at All Stars Cricket this morning.


“I am very proud of all the children’s exemplary behaviour and willingness to give it a go! I’m sure we have some future cricket starts in our midst” – Miss Gill


We did cricket with 3 different activities.  One was bowling,  another one was catching the third was and batting.



In the batting games we had to hit the ball and try to get it through the red cones and the other people would try to stop it.Then you had to do fielding which is where you run and get the ball and swap spaces with the other person. (We were very good at it)



In bowling we had to pick up the ball of the cone and the other person is beside the poles and you  need to knock them down and then swap over



We were with the coach James and we had to do a lot of tricks with the cones. Some of the tricks throwing it up in the air and caching it on the dome side and the pointy ones.


Our favourite one was the batting.


Report by Daisy and Emmie