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(Class teachers:- Mrs Allonby and Mr Williams)

As the school year draws to a close, we expect the children in Emperors Class to continue working hard on their learning as well as getting involved in a wide range of special activities such as Arts Week, sports events and special services. 


For our Year 6 children, this is a very special time with their last few weeks in school. The children have been visiting their secondary schools this week. Have a look at the photos of their special church service at Winchester Cathedral. The Year 6 Leavers' Assembly is on Tuesday 21st and the Leavers' Church Service is on Wednesday 22nd July. 


Please note: Friday 10th is the final Swimming Session.


If you have any questions or queries about your children in school then please come and see either Mrs Allonby (Year 6) or Mr Williams (Year 5) at the end of the school day.

Emperors Computer Game Coding

Emperors Class Newsletter Spring 2015

Why is Street Dance epic?


Do you long for your class to be the best? Well get ready for your mind to be blown when you hear this! Street dance is better than ever, it is a fun way of dancing, including a wide range of dance moves your class will love! It is also guarantees an amazing performance!


What is Street dance?

Street dance is a common and modern style of dance used by many people. Moreover there is a national competition to be the best. It includes brake dancing and funky movements. It is easy to do, all people need is confidence! People always enjoy street dance, so grab your class, grab your music and let out your inner groves!

Who are Emperors?

Emperors are a sensational class, preforming all kinds of outstanding dance and gym performances; they are legendary throughout the land…

Their latest hit was the out of this world street dance show. Everyone loved it. Now the recording has been sent on the internet, people are just exploding to grab a ticket for a live show and are willing to pay millions for a first class DVD! So quickly get out those wallets and head to your local store, those tickets are going quick…or you can have a sneak preview on our class page below.

By Bella

Science - Solar System

Emperors Gym Performance

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 4

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WWII Museum


The children have worked hard this half term studying about the life of children during WWII. They have experienced an evacuation on our evacuation day and had a visit to an air raid shelter. With the support of parents the children have been able to bring in treasured items from family members that were part of the war or alive during that time. The half terms work has all been building up to a WWII museum in which the children set up their own exhibits and also showed their Prezi’s about WWII, which they created in computing. A fantastic effort by all of them and the pictures show all of our fun.

Board Games - Homework

Dance Days - WWII


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Emperors Maths

Emperors Science - Pee Pals

Adam Explanation.mp4

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Bella Explanation.mp4

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Sophie Explanation.mp4

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Emperors trip to Harry Potter World

Have you ever wished to fly on a broom stick?

Well you can now!

At Harry Potter World your dreams come true! When Emperors went it was truly magical. Slowly we had walked into the entrance hall, surrounded by the eyes of the famous characters staring down at us. Although you may have to wait, it’s worth it. You walk into a room, and on the walls there are six screens that show a video about JK Rowling. Then you walk in to a cinema, they show a video introduced by the top three characters: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the screen rolled up to reveal two towering, golden doors. They were then opened to unveil…. 

The magnificent great hall where there were costumes that the characters wore in the films. The guide also revealed secrets like the actor that played Hagrid had a body-double, as the actor was only six foot two and the producers didn’t think that was big enough to be a half giant. Next, we saw the Gryffindor common room it looked incredible, after that we went to Dumbledore’s office which looked amazing, also his chair looked really comfy. Soon, we arrived at Hagrids hut, at first glimpse I only saw the very random items such as chairs hanging from the top of the hut, then I saw Hagrids dog it looked very realistic. Quickly, we reached the green screen area, when we got to the area we sat on a green bench and they made it look like we were in the flying car that features in the movies. After lunch we went to the amazing Diagon alley. We saw Gringotts bank and Ollivanders (where harry got his wand from). Finally, we went to see the touch screen activity it let us explore Hogwarts and watch it being constructed. Overall we all really enjoyed are time there and we would all recommend it.      

By Matthew and Lily 

Emperors Big Writing Activities

Emperors' Computer Coding - The Car Game