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Emperors Year 5/6

Emperors learned about deforestation with a focus on the impact of palm oil on the environments of orangutans in Borneo. We were lucky enough to have a virtual visit to Monkey World where we learned about how orphaned orangutans are rehabilitated, and we found out about how endangered animals are being impacted by human behaviour and climate change. 


After researching about the different animals in the Borneo rainforest, we were inspired by the Asian art technique of tie dying and chose to use this to create our bunting.  We created our tie-dye designs using elastic bands, then used different coloured dyes to create our jazzy patterns! Then, we cut our fabric into triangles and used either running stitch or backstitch to attach the two halves together. We think they look great!


To decorate our pole, we wanted to show the impact of humans on the Borneo rainforest. We chose to do this by drawing the rainforest as we wanted it to be, full of a vibrant range of plants and animals. In our Art lessons we learned about perspective and proportion and used these skills in our sketches. We then use the off-cuts from our tie-dyed bunting to create multi-coloured hand prints to cover our drawings showing the human impact on the rainforest.