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Summer is here!!!


CALSHOT has been an amazing experience for all of the children. Please take a look at the updates and pictures that have been put up on the Calshot page.


Mr McCrae and Miss East are the class teachers of Emperors class (Years 5 and 6). 


Only a few more weeks left of the summer term but we have a lot planned for the children in that time!!


Bump up Day 2014


The children have had an exciting day finding out all about the fun topics they will be studying in the next academic year (September) and getting to know their new class. We talked out class rules so that the children have taken ownership of their own rules as well as discussed what they would like the classroom to look like in September. The children all got involved with a fun team building activity run by Mr Williams which was to build the tallest tower with limited resources and 'credits' to buy these resources. The teams worked fantastically discussing their options and planning the tower and we had some large towers formed in the end. Have a look at the pictures!!

Year 6 Leavers Service - Winchester Cathedral


The Year 6s went to a Leaver’s Service at Winchester Cathedral on Wednesday and had the opportunity to hear about the life of the First World War soldiers and consider how they would have felt when the had to ‘leave’. In school groups we discussed how the soldiers did not know exactly what to expect and were actually really excited for their new adventure, similar to how the Year 6s are currently feeling. The children then wrote a postcard in role as a First World War soldier to a member of their family and then a second postcard as a Year 6 to a Year 5 back at school. After the morning fun the children enjoyed their lunch in the sun and then watched and took part in the service in the afternoon. The day was a great success and a nice opportunity for the children to meet children from other schools as well.

Emperors Dance Days


This week Emperors have had their first 'Dance Days'. In school we have decided to teach Dance in block units (2 full days) rather than hourly sessions over the course of a 6 week half term. The children started the first day with a fun urban dance workout and stretch, teaching them some new dance moves whilst having fun and exercising. The children watched several clips from the Step Up films which demonstrated various dance moves as individuals, pairs and groups. They then went off into dance 'crews' to practice some of their new moves and began to create their own group routine. The children worked exceptionally hard for the two days and were very positive about it. At the end of the second day the children performed in front of their parents and then again in front of the other children and teachers in school. Their final performance was fantastic and the children did extremely well. Well done Emperors!!!


The video below is a clip taken from a video of the dance. If you would like to see the full dance on video then please come to celebration assembly on Friday 13th June or find Miss East in school.

Cut version Dance Day - Step Up.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 6 End of SATs Fun

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Sport Relief Day

Big Write


The children in Emperors have been completing Big Writes nearly every week, on a Friday. This week they have been writing their own play-scripts for a range of stories, including traditional tales such as 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'Hansel and Gretel', as well as stories of their own choice such as The Fast and the Furious, Theseus and the Minotaur etc. As you can see from the pictures the children were working exceptionally hard.

River Test Visit


The children had the opportunity to visit the River Test as part of their Rivers topic. They were able to measure the speed and the depth at various points as well as experience erosion and deposition in real life.



Year 6 have been learning about capacity. Including estimating and measuring accurately. There were several water spillages in the process but the children worked really hard and enjoyed the practical activities.

Mr Pigeon Death - Emperor Detectives - March 2014


The Emperors came to school on Friday 7th March to find police tape around parts of the playground and various potential murder weapons circled as evidence. As part of a big write they became detectives and had to write diary entries about their discoveries into finding out who the murderer was. Was it Miss Scarlet, or Mrs Peacock, or maybe the intelligent Mr Green????? Go to the Literacy section for a video of the children looking around the evidence on the playground.

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Emperors Class Newsletter Spring 2014

Cocktails in Year 6 Maths Lesson??? - See Numeracy for more images!!

Christmas Fayre - 6th December 2013

Fire Safety and Rescue Day - 08/11/2013

Year 6 Class Assembly - 27/09/2013

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