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Home Learning during Lockdown

 Week 1's home and school learning has included:

- becoming familiar with the story ‘Katie in London’ and also looking at features of a diary to prepare for writing our own diary entries.

- looking at strategies for addition and subtraction to help build fluency

- for our PSHE this week we have thought about ways to be kind to ourselves.

- trying out a Yoga session all about ‘Celebrating Our Differences’.

- starting our RE topic about special food and creating a drawing or collage of our special or favourite food.

 Week 2's home and school learning has included:

- planning and writing diary entries using our imaginations of what we would do during a day out in London.

- learning about commutatively, inverse and completing missing number problems to help with our understanding of addition and subtraction.

- for our PSHE this week we have thought about our values in our family  homes e.g. have fun together, be silly, ask questions

- learning more about the United Kingdom and labelling on a map the countries, capital cities and surrounding seas.  

- starting our challenge to virtually walk from Lands End to John O'Groats, which is 1083 miles! So this week we have begun to track how many miles we have walked, run or cycled.

 Week 3's home and school learning has included:

- explored the story ‘Stanley’s Stick’ e.g. writing alternative endings, role play and sequencing the story.

- learnt more about measurement in maths, particularly focussing on mass.  

- discovered more about our senses through a range of activities such as, hiding different foods in cups and trying to guess what they are from smelling them, seeing if we can work out what different foods are by their taste and going for a nature walk listening for all the sounds we could hear.

- looked at directions (particularly learning left and right) by playing games with our families.

- thought about what food is special to Christians and acted out the story of the last supper from the bible.

My Stick - Olivia

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