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Phonics Phase 3 Sound Mat


In Skippers Class the children will regularly have the opportunity to read. They will be sent home with books that you can enjoy with them and we would encourage you to read with your child as much as possible. We will regularly change the children's reading books and advise that you write a comment in their 'Home Reading Record' so we know when they need a book change. If you have any questions about reading then please do not hesitate to ask Miss Baxter.







We have a daily phonics session in Skippers class and the children will learn all the sounds from phases 2 and 3 and revise them in phase 4. The children will be sent home with sounds and a sound book for them to practise. They will be able to word build with the sounds they have in their wallets as well as words to read with a particular sound in their sound book. The children will also be given 'tricky words' to learn and practise at home that relate to the phase they are working on.



The children will have a Maths input and activities to do everyday. We would like to encourage you to count with your child whenever the opportunity arises as well as look at number recognition and shape recognition. This could be at the shops when counting money or objects to buy, or even looking at the shapes they can see in a house. The children have a 'Mathletics' login at the front of their 'Home Reading Records'. This allow them access to a number of maths games to complete on the computer. If you have any questions about Maths then please feel free to ask Miss Baxter.