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Children can change their books everyday in Emperors, if necessary, using our school library. They can borrow up to two books at a time. At this point in their journey through Primary school, it is important that children read regularly and challenge themselves to read a range of more advanced books.  We have recently started our 'Drop it' reading sessions which the children thoroughly enjoy; during the dedicated reading time  everyone can immerge themselves into their books. Please record any reading that the children have done at home so they can  earn extra house points for their efforts. 


Year 6's will still receive regular homework in the coming weeks of the year.


History Homework - in for Monday 7th July


With this more lengthy and substantial piece of homework the children have licence to be as creative as they like in their report of the Greco-Persian Wars (490-480 BC).  Firstly they need to show they show that they know who it was between, and what happened.  But more importantly they need to analyse the events e.g. why did the Persians invade the Greeks, why did the Greeks band together to face the enemy, how did the Greeks manage to overcome such overwhelming odds, why did certain cities benefit from the wars etc.  They can draw portraits of the various leaders, show events through comic strips, show battle reports, diary entries, newspaper articles, letters, speeches, timelines etc.


Here are few useful websites that might help: - some great links at the bottom of the page that go into the wars in depth. - a useful story telling of the wars, with illustrations.

A great visual overview of the wars - army routes and battle locations.




If you have any questions please feel free to come and ask.



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