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This page aims to give you all of the relevant and up to date information about homework in Swallowtails class. Children will receive weekly, ability related tasks to complete in their own time. If children are unsure of their homework task or are finding it difficult, please ask either Miss Day or Miss Baxter for help. If homework is not to the expected standard or has not been completed, children are expected to finish this in their own time at either playtime or lunchtime. 


During a normal week you are expected to complete the following tasks:


  • Reading - Reading should be recorded in your reading diary, which should be brought into school every day. Children are expected to read at home at least three times per week. Children are allowed to record their own reading achievements at home but an adult must sign to verify their reading. 
  • English OR Maths - Either an English or Maths based task will be given out each week on a Friday to be returned on the following Tuesday. If you have any questions about this task, please see Miss Day.
  • Times tables - You should practice your current times tables or mental maths tasks at home whenever you can.  FAB Challenges will be tested on Fridays.


Remember to take pride in your homework. You now have your own homework book so please write in your neatest handwriting and make sure your work is presented as well as it would be in school.