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Year 5 Instruction Writing


This week we have looked at how the Aztecs solved a problem of not being able to provide enough food for their growing population: the floating garden (or Chinampas).  The children first of all had to make a small scale floating garden, before going about writing a set of instructions on how to build them.  Not only was the quality of writing very impressive, but we also have four floating gardens with a variety of crops growing currently in class. 

Aztec Floating Gardens - Instruction Writing

Mr Pigeon Death - Emperor Detectives - March 2014

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The Emperors came to school on Friday 7th March to find police tape around parts of the playground and various potential murder weapons circled as evidence. As part of a big write they became detectives and had to write diary entries about their discoveries into finding out who the murderer was. Was it Miss Scarlet, or Mrs Peacock, or maybe the intelligent Mr Green?????

Instruction Writing


The Year 6 children wrote instructions for various games on the Ipad's we have in school and then some of Swallowtails were invited into the class to be the instruction testers. The children worked really well together and the Year 6 could see how certain wording was important to ensure their instructions worked as they meant.

Year 6 Instructions - March 2014



The children have been working hard to learn how to write effective settings and here are some examples of their work.