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Maths Homework

Autumn 2


All Maths homework this half term will be set on the Mathletics website.  The homework will be tailored for each individual child as a result of assessment of class work and previous homework results.  This may mean that they are asked to repeat an activity to gain extra practice in a particular area of the curriculum before moving onto something a little trickier.  During the next few weeks we will set specific activities that relate directly to the areas of mathematics that the children have set as their class targets.  If there are any questions (including loss of login details) please do not hesitate to come in and talk to us.

Week 7

The children have brought home their login details for the Mathletics program.  We would like them to spend at least half an hour familiarising themselves with the program by playing any games they wish.  We will show them how to search for particular concepts in school this week in readiness for additional Mathletics tasks after half term.