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Our Holiday

Today Skippers class went off on holiday. First of all they had to decide where they wanted to go. They had a variety of different holiday brochures to look through from India to Florida and even skiing. After this we shared what we had packed in our suitcases for our holiday and made baggage labels so that our bags wouldn't get lost.

With our passports to hand we headed off to the the airport terminal to check in and get our boarding passes. Then the strict security staff checked our bags with the scanner and some even had to have more thorough checks. After waiting around the airport lounge to board the flight it was finally time to jet off.

The lovely flight attendant showed us to our seats and explained where we had to store our hand luggage. After a short safety announcement we relaxed with the in-flight entertainment (Bee Movie!) and some delicious snacks from the trolley.

When we arrived in Australia we got to play at the beach, make some Aboriginal art and learn about the different animals that we might see while we were there.