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Remote Learning

Dear Parents


On the first day of isolation you will be emailed a 1-2 day emergency pack. This will consist of English and Maths tasks which will support your child during the first few days at home. These have been planned to run alongside the learning happening at school. These activities are to be used over the next 2 days whilst we finalise plans to deliver your child's current curriculum remotely to your child through Google Classroom or Tapestry, with your support, during the remainder of the isolation period. After the first 2 days, the remote learning will be posted on wither Google Classroom or Tapestry. We will expect your child to register online daily and to submit the tasks set by the class teacher by 4pm. The learning set remotely will be a mixture of online learning, offline learning and teaching videos. The class teacher will be online from 3:30pm daily to check the submitted work and offer any support.

Google Classroom

Each child in Y1 – Y6 has their own log on and unique password to Google Classroom.  Google classroom is a virtual classroom where teachers and children can post their work in the form of documents, pictures, videos and presentations.

Teachers have created ‘classrooms’ on there and will post work for children.  You DON’T need a computer with Word on (or any other programmes for that matter) as you can work within Google classroom which has an inbuilt version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Each child in YR has a Tapestry log on. This is a virtual programme where teachers and parents can post learning in the form of pictures, videos and notes.


For families unable to access online learning we will provide IT equipment or offline learning materials to enable the children to continue with their learning. The children have already missed so much of their learning that if they are required to self isolate, it is imperative that they complete the learning sent home from school in order to maintain the momentum of their learning and ensure they make progress.


In the meantime, these activities are designed to help your child continue with learning across the wider curriculum, which is linked to the National Curriculum and will build on their existing skills and allow for suitable independence. You will receive an email with detailed instructions of an English and Maths 2-day emergency plan which will supplement the activities in the 'class stars' below. 


Also don't forget you can access Lexia and Times Table Rockstars at home. 


How to support your child: 

  • Learning at home is distinctive and different to school but try to establish a routine with your child. These activities are practical and creative and can be used to work alongside the other remote learning activities. 
  • Encourage your child to choose the activities that most interest them.
  • Activities may need reading with your child and explaining, and you may need to help them find resources. 
  • The activities have been designed to enable a good amount of independence. Let your child work at their own pace, encourage them and celebrate their achievements frequently. 
  • These activities should take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete (approx. half a day) but can be spread across a few days if necessary. There is no limit to the activities, they may take more or less than the suggested time. 

Google classroom how to videos

How to log in 

A guide to logging into Google Classroom. 

This video also contains a useful guide to navigating the streams. Every child has their own log on so the teacher will be able to tell who has handed work in and who it's come from. 


Google Classroom Login.mp4

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Google Docs and sharing with your teacher 

You'll need to know how to share your documents you create with your teacher. This video will give you come pointers and it also gives you a bit of advice on the types of programmes within Google classroom. 

Completing and turning in tasks.mp4

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My Drive.mp4

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Working collaboratively

Parents, children, teachers - we'll all need to work together to make online learning successful. 




Tapestry how to videos 

How to log in

A guide to logging into Tapestry. 

This video also contains a useful guide to navigating, how to access classwork set on Tapestry and how to 'hand in' your work to the teacher. It will also explain how to make observations at home. 




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How to log on

This video shows you how to log on to Lexia and access reading activities. 


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