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September 2017


Whilst playing in only his 3rd match for his new football team, The Romsey Tigers, Aston won 'Man of the Match'. It was awarded to him for scoring his first goal for his new team - well done Aston.


Toby took part in Hursley Pony Club’s Triathlon. The event consisted of

  • Shoot (air pistol) over 7m at turning targets
  • Swim as far as you can in 2mins
  • Run 1000m as fast as you can

Toby did amazingy well winning his shooting section shooting a PB of 860 ( out of possible 1000). He achieved a PB in the swim covering 93 meters in 2 mins and ran 1000m achieving a time only 4 seconds slower than the fastest time. Overall he won individual highest score across all 3 events and his pony club team ( comprising 2 other fellow Hursley members) team won overall - superb achievement.

Milly B
Milly recently competed at a pony club show and took part in a show jumping competition on her pony “Hero” which she was fastest over the timed section of the course. She’s also been having some lessons on bigger ponies to boost her confidence and has jumped a course of jumps - one of which was 70cm;  bigger than her Mummy normally jumps!!