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Skippers and Admirals

We started this half term with an 'Art Day'. We began the day discussing the importance for us to make changes so that we can help tackle climate change. We watched 'Whoopi Goldberg's Dramatic Call for Climate Action' and we discussed what is happening on our earth because of climate change and what we could do about it. Mrs Appleby gave us the task to come up with a design which could become a collage which would be displayed inside a recycled bicycle wheel. Then we each decided what we felt was important. There were many great ideas, including designs about deforestation, polluting the seas and using different forms of transport to travel which don't pollute the air. We then got into groups based on our designs and as a group drew our ideas onto circular card and then collaged them. Miss Lilly and Mrs Appleby were proud of their brilliant team working skills and the fantastic art work they have produced.