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Skippers Year R/1

We watched Whoopi Goldberg's video about the climate crisis to get the children thinking about the crisis and what it would mean for them in the future. We did some mind mapping as a class thinking about what we knew about the crisis and what we thought we might be able to do about it.

We talked about the art project and the children came up with ideas of what they wanted to represent on the abstract tree. They quickly fixed on the idea of focussing on endangered animals and Abigail (4 years old) came up with the idea of the animal prints on our hands to show that it is our impact and our role to do something about.

We visited Marwell Zoo with artist Pip McGarry to practise our sketching skills and learn more about the endangered animals. Pip helped us think about the colours of the animals and the different patterns on the skin.

When we got back to school we explored mixing colours, painting on tubes, using different media to create the art before creating our final hand prints to go on the tree. We decided to collaborate with Admirals class and created out multi trunk abstract tree with them during an art afternoon where we took part in a variety of art based activities; creating our own animals, sketching and shading and using water colours to paint animals.