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Spring 1

This half term we will be exploring the enquiry question – Should the planet be hot or cold?


We will be exploring this topic linking together Understanding the World with Science and Geography. In Geography we will be looking closely at Australia and where it is in the world. We will look at aerial photogrpahs of hot and cold countries and compare them. We are also going to be making our own imaginary maps using traditional tales as a stimulus for this. As part of our Science we will be looking at the weather and discussing weather patterns to see how it changes throughout the seasons. We will also be studying different animals and thinking about where they live in the world.

On Wednesday the JRSO's led a scooter and balance bike safety workshop for Skippers. They had to do various different activities like weaving in and out of cones, complete an obstacle course and learn how to ride their scooters or bikes safely on the roads. This involved learning about safe places to cross the road, how to use traffic lights and how to scoot safely on the pavement. The children, big and small, all had great fun!

Winter senses walk

In English we are going to be writing some poetry so we decided that we would go on a winter walk in  our beautiful garden to help us think of some brilliant words that we could use in our poems.

We used our senses to help us think of as many different ones as we could. The children thought of some brilliant words; we touched the ice and it felt fluffy, chilly, soft and smooth. We looked at the sun shining on the ice and we saw that it was frosty, white and sparkly. We walked on the frosty ground and stopped to listen and we heard crunching and crinkly sounds. We smelt some of the herbs in the garden and took deep breaths in and we smelt cold and sour smells.