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Spring 2

Visit from Lemon and Jinja


This week we had a visit from Jess who owns Lemon and Jinja in Romsey. They are a zero waste shop and Jess came in to talk to Skippers and Admirals about why she started the shop, climate change and what the children can do to help. She told us about how she used to live in Africa which began her love of animals and it is that love of animals that drives her passion to combat climate change. She showed the children all the things she has in the shop that the children can use instead of single use plastic such as metal straws, reusable shopping bags and metal water bottles. We worked out that between the children in the two classes by using reusable water bottles we are saving over 10,000 plastic bottles from being used and binned. Watch out for the children asking you if they can go and visit. Here is a link their website if you would like to have a look

Weather Forecasts for around the world

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The children researched the weather in different countries to find out what it was like. They then filmed their own version of a weather forecast for the country they wanted to visit.


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Pancake Day

We had a great first day back after the half term celebrating pancake day. Nanny came in to make pancakes with us and we all had a little taste - they were delicious and we were very impressed with Nanny's pancake tossing skills. Throughout the classroom we also had lots of different pancake themed activities from making pancakes in the sand kitchen to using flour to make tricky words to decorating pancakes with different toppings.