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Skippers have been excited to see how the Ducklings are doing in Admirals class. We looked at them in their incubator before they hatched and thought the eggs were quit large. Once they hatched we were lucky enough to hold them, stroke them and feed them. We noticed they are growing very fast and they are becoming really fluffy. This week we have watched the ducklings take a bath. We put them in water that wasn't too deep and they loved to splash. They even got us a little wet! The next day we put them in water that was a bit deeper and they were kicking their legs to swim and having a great time. 

Dance Performance of Noah's Ark

Pancake Day

Skippers and Admirals enjoyed a number of activities on Pancake Day. We all had the opportunity to make pancake mixture and tasted pancakes with a variety of toppings such as syrup, sugar, lemon, chocolate sauce and jam. 

We had a great time playing pancake races in the afternoon and worked in teams to see how many times we cold flip the pancake in 1 minute. 


Skippers enjoyed a great tea party with our toys on the Friday before half term. We enjoyed dancing to our favourite tunes, playing games such as musical statues and ate cake, buns and fruit washed down with squash and lemonade. A fab time was had by all!
Skippers celebrated Chinese New Year this week. We had fun tasting noodles with soy sauce and found our fortune inside Fortune Cookies. We are lucky enough to own a Dragon in school and enjoyed creating our own parade and drew our own Chinese symbols. 
Skippers have been learning about healthy eating and a balanced diet this week. We created pizza recipes and included some very healthy toppings such as tomato, cheese, sweetcorn, mushrooms and ham. We then made and ate our delicious pizzas on Friday afternoon.
What a fantastic gym performance by Skippers on Friday. They worked so hard all week to perfect their shapes they created and develop their travelling styles across the benches. They managed to maintain focus throughout both performances to the school and for parents. I am incredibly proud of them and they should be so proud of themselves!