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Skippers' Class Newsletter Spring 2 2020

Skippers' Class Newsletter Spring 1 2020

I can't believe we are coming to the end of the first week of home learning. Mrs Bowman and Mrs Appleby thought it might be nice for you to see some photos of what your friends have been up to this week so we have taken a few from your tapestry posts to share.

We both want to thank you all for your effort and commitment to the home learning this week. We have been amazed by your creativity and use of the space around you to undertake your learning. We absolutely love seeing your photos and videos as we miss you all so much. x


This afternoon we went on a pattern hunt looking for patterns in the environment. We learnt that patterns dont always come in repeating colours but can be spots, stripes, bricks and many more. If you look closely patterns are everywhere.

Pancake Day


As today was pancake day Nanny came with all the supplies to help the children make pancakes. We talked about what ingredients we needed to make them and what we liked on them! As well as making pancakes we had lots of different pancake day activities around the classroom from play doh pancakes inside the classroom to pancake tossing and running races in the outside area!



Chinese New Year