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Spring Term 1

Home Learning Week 3

This week we finished our topic about Native American myths by writing our own myths to explain a natural event, such as stars, an eclipse, or the creation of the Moon. We have been reading The Explorer by Katherine Rundell as a class, and will use this as inspiration for our next writing unit. In Maths, we had a recap about fractions, decimals and percentages, and produced posters to share what we know. We've thought about how we can be kind to ourselves in PSHE, thought about different climates and biomes in The Americas in Geography, and we've classified types of animals based on characteristics in Science. We've certainly been busy!


We are really missing all being together, so had a "pet chat" on Google Meet - this was really successful, and those at home got to share their furry friends with children at school. Those of us learning in our Emperor Bubble did another village walk to contribute to our class mission to walk the Appalachian Trail, and baked some impressive (and delicious) 3D dinosaur cookies!

Home Learning Week 2

This week Emperors have continued to learn about Native American myths, and we have planned our own myths to explain a naturally occurring event. In Maths, we have looked at reading scales accurately, and those of use at home were able to use every day objects to help us with our understanding. In Geography we have learned more about The Americas by researching different locations, and we learned about tribes that live in the rainforest in Guided Reading.


Those of us learning at home have shared some photos of what home learning looks like for us. Those of us learning at school have enjoyed our afternoons including a walk around the village with Swallowtails, learning the 'Cup Song', and completing Science experiments with Skittles to truly 'taste the rainbow!'

Home Learning Week 1

We have returned to home learning, or learning at school as a small Bubble, and Mrs Clark, Miss Edwards and Mrs Rowland are so proud of how successfully we have managed this! Emperors are amazing! This week we have looked at Native American myths, including an animation called Hugh, about how stars were made. We have also learned about converting measures in Maths, and thought about New Year Resolutions in PSHE.


Those of us still learning at school have made the most of our afternoons by creating natural sculptures of our favourite scenes from books, and by updating the window art in Emperors classroom to spread joy during these tricky times. 


We may have only managed one day in school all together before lock down, but we had an exciting day! As our Hook for our new Geography topic, we had to taste food, guess what it was, and guess where it came from! After a lot of discussion, we identified that lots of the food came from USA, but not all of it. Our topic is The Americas, and we will spend the next few weeks learning about the different countries that make up the continents of North and South America.


Have a look at the photos below, and see if you can work out what these foods are and where in The Americas they would come from!


To start the new term, we had a class debate about the definition of the word real, thinking about three edible one, a plastic one, and an invisible one! We thought about which was the most "real", and if any weren't real, and why not!


We then used the idea that for something to be real, we should be able to feel it, to debate if rainbows were led to a very interesting discussion!