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Spring Term 1


Emperors have worked hard on a gymnastics routine using a range of equipment. The children have spent the last few weeks rehearsing their movement and balances on wall bars, ropes, benches and mats, and have also thought about how they can quickly and safely move between different types of equipment. Mrs Clark was particularly impressed with how the children had showed perseverance and team work, not only in their smaller groups, but as a whole class, to create this impressive routine.

Blinding Lights gymnastics routine

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Class Novel

We are enjoying reading our class novel: The Boy At The Back Of The Class by Onjali Q. Raúf. The story has made us reflect on how lucky we are to live in such a safe community, as one of the main characters is a Syrian refugee adapting to life in the UK. We have linked this to our Explore topic, as we have thought about how people may need to seek refuge after experiencing a natural disaster. In the book, the narrator buys the 'new boy' a pomegranate, as this is a fruit from his home. This is the start of their friendship, and we cut up a pomegranate and tried the seeds to see why he enjoyed it so much!

Working with Admirals

Emperors enjoyed teaming up with Admirals Class for two different activities. We worked in mixed groups to make front covers of our favourite books out of natural materials, combining our love for reading with our weekly theme of love for our world. We also needed to create our own games for PE, and invited Admirals to test them out for us, which was great fun and made us think carefully about how to explain the rules to a younger audience.


In Gym we have been practising a routine for the cluster Gym Festival. We worked on our body control and synchronisation. Unfortunately the festival could not take place but we have recorded our performances and will be sending them into the festival organisers. 


In Science, we have learned about how nutrients travel around the body. In the small intestine, there are tiny microvilli hairs and they suck all the nutrients out of the food. Then, they send the nutrients all the way to the capillaries and this is diffusion. We pretended that the skittles were nutrients, and when we poured the water on, it sucked up the nutrients and spread them across the plate.

(Written by Jude)


Our D.T. project has been building bridges. We had a visit from George (Mrs Grayson's three-year-old son) who gave us the challenge of building a bridge for his train set. This bridge had to fit a set criteria so that George could play with it:

  • strong enough for a train to travel across it
  • wide enough for train track
  • tall enough for a train to travel underneath it
  • ideally a train should be able to travel over it unaided (battery powered)
  • be mainly red, yellow, green or blue...definitely not pink


We started this project before the Christmas holidays (this is why we look festive in many of the photos), but completed our bridges in the Spring Term.

We are really happy with well the worked - check out our videos!


In English, we have started a new book called "When the Giant Stirred", which is set on a volcanic island.  We have been getting to know the text by hot seating as some of the main characters and asking them questions.