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Spring Term 1


Our D.T. project has been building bridges. We had a visit from George (Mrs Grayson's three-year-old son) who gave us the challenge of building a bridge for his train set. This bridge had to fit a set criteria so that George could play with it:

  • strong enough for a train to travel across it
  • wide enough for train track
  • tall enough for a train to travel underneath it
  • ideally a train should be able to travel over it unaided (battery powered)
  • be mainly red, yellow, green or blue...definitely not pink


We started this project before the Christmas holidays (this is why we look festive in many of the photos), but completed our bridges in the Spring Term.

We are really happy with well the worked - check out our videos!


In English, we have started a new book called "When the Giant Stirred", which is set on a volcanic island.  We have been getting to know the text by hot seating as some of the main characters and asking them questions.