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Spring Term

Friday 6th January 2017


Log in to Mathletics and complete the your activities. Use your book to help with any calculations you need to make.



Friday 13th January 2017

Super Spellings!

Create pictures with your spellings this week. Make them as detailed and decorative as you like!



Friday 20th January 2017

Negative number lines

Create your own negative number line from -10 to 10. Decorate it and bring it in to help you in lessons.



Friday 27th January 2017

Word families

Think of some prefixes and suffixes for your given root words. Can you draw some pictures to represent them?



Friday 3rd February 2017


Can you complete the contractions tables? Think carefully about which letters to ‘pop’!



Friday 10th February 2017

Times table

Create a poster for your chosen times table. Make it as snazzy and colourful as you can!