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Summer 1

Roche Court trip

All of Key Stage 2 went on a shared visit to Roche Court to gain inspiration for our upcoming sculpture project. Despite the mixed weather, we had an amazing time studying a range of modern sculptures and discussing them with professional artists.


We learned about the different materials that sculptures could be made from, including bronze, fibreglass and limestone. We also learned about how some sculptures are made to be looked at, while others are to be experienced, like ‘Sky Station’, which was a seat designed to encourage you to look at the sky.  We had an amazing time!

Week 3 

A very different week for Swallowtails this week, they have coped admirably during a few class changes (due to SATS). We have completed our unit of addition ad subtraction this week, and will be moving on to multiplication and division. The children have also written their witch stories, we have had some great descriptions of two different types of witches, with some amazing story telling. In science, we have continued learning about sound. During our art lesson we tried to draw an outline of a body in proportion, with some comical and alien results. The children then learnt how to use fractions to draw in proportion, the sketches they have produced are amazing. We are going to be using these sketches in our next few lessons of art, where we will be producing a puppet. The children enjoyed their PJ afternoon, combined with science and singing rehearsals, as a reward for gaining all their marbles. Well done Swallowtails.

Week 2

Hope you all enjoyed the 4-day week. Swallowtails have been busy this week continuing their English description writing for a witch, the children have really put a lot of thought into their characters and settings, using fabulous similes, expanded noun phrases and adverbials. I can't wait to read their final stories. In maths, we have continued with our addition and subtraction. The children have had to use not only their maths knowledge but also their reading and reasoning skills. We have concluded our RE unit, with some amazing written work and artwork completed by the children. Online safety was the focus in computing, with children sending each other emails. On Wednesday we excitedly met our new Listen2Me teacher, Mr Eastgate. The children were using Samba percussion to produce a textured piece of music, they were amazing. They were able to keep beat, and really seemed to enjoy the lesson. 

Week 1

Welcome back! All children have really impressed us this week with their enthusiasm for learning. In maths, both year groups have returned to addition and subtraction. They have worked really had at reasoning problems and also enjoyed it. English has seen the introduction of our Summer 1 text, The Witches. All children have investigated what a witch looks like and we are tying to answer the question: Are all witches scary?

The Trinity is our study in RE, the children have talked about baptism an how important it is to Christians. We have talked about what water means to us and how symbolic water is to Christians. The children have created their own artwork based on the Baptism of Christ.