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Summer 2

Week 3


The children worked so hard to complete their puppets, including helping those who were absent to complete theirs. They also produced backdrops for their puppet show.  On Friday, Swallowtails entertained KS1 with performances of their puppet shows, it was a huge learning curve for the children, did they know their lines? What should the puppet be doing? What if we need a scene change? In English, we have been enjoying The Lost Thing by Sean Tan. The children role-played returning home with a metallic monstrosity and grown-ups possible reactions. We used these reactions to write dialogue.

We are in full swing of rehearsals this week, all children working hard on lines, singing, acting and what props are needed.

The fun event of sports day is up on us, with a great weather day booked for the event.

Week 2

Key stage 2 children were all immersed in art at the start of this week. The children were tasked with using recycled products to create a 3-D structure of Captain Hooks pirate ship, the children did not disappoint.  They were organised into small groups, all of whom sketched out their ideas and thoughts behind the design. 

The children then decided which part they would prefer to be involved in building; we had the ocean, the main structure, masts and crows nest, cannons, anchors, the list was endless. We had over 50 children involved in the production of the boat. 

We needed trouble-shooters for masts that would not stand, precise model makers for the smaller modelling including curtains and beds.

All of the children worked so well as a team, supporting ideas and each other.

The final product will be on display at Southampton Art Gallery in July, under the heading Project Climate Unity, we hope you go along and take a look at their work. Well done to all involved.


Children in Swallowtails were retrieving their geometry skills in maths too. 


Well, what a busy start to summer 2! The children have been really engaged in their times tables learning, well done Swallowtails. In maths, we have been going over our previous learning, so we have looked at place value, addition and subtraction. Our new book for English is Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing, the children have been finding and using some great new vocabulary in their writing. The production rehearsals are coming along really well, remember the songs and music are on google classroom. Some of the children have been involved in making props for the performance. In art we have continued with our puppets, and we have started to think about their costumes, backdrops and scene changes. Well done Swallowtails, the week has flown by.