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Picking, cooking and eating our very own veg

Skippers were very excited to finally pick our rainbow carrots, potatoes and beetroot today. We all put our gardening gloves on and pulled the veg from the soil. After this we washed everything and nanny took it to boil. We all got to try some in the afternoon and we loved it! A big thank you goes to Nanny for helping us, plant, look after and eventually cook all our vegetables. 

Skippers Church Collective Worship

Eating our Homegrown Lettuce

Skippers enjoyed eating lettuce sandwiches at break time from our very own veg plot. We picked the lettuce with Nanny and washed it to get the dirt off. They were delicious and some children wanted more than one. 


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Skippers have been learning about Goldilocks this week and on Friday we made our own porridge. We included extra ingredients and had one bowl with salt, one with sugar and one that was plain, just like the three bears. We all tried each one and voted for our favourite. The sweet porridge was the most popular and the salt was the least popular (no surprises there). 

A special visit from Vicar James

Skippers had a visit from Vicar James this week. He came to tell us about the special clothes he wears at church. We were lucky enough to try some of the clothes ourselves. 


Skippers have been learning about Superheroes and made their own Supertato characters. They gave them a name and a character description including a super power. Some of us even wrote stories about them. 


Skippers have begun planting seeds in our flower bed. We have planted beetroot, carrot, lettuce, strawberries, potatoes and cucumber. We are excited to see what is going to grow and tasting our very own produce.