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Skippers have loved having caterpillars in the classroom. We watched and observed them grow from tiny caterpillars to great big ones and waited while they were in their cocoons. We were lucky enough to watch them hatch out of their cocoons and into beautiful butterflies. We believe they are painted lady butterflies. We fed them orange segments for 3 days before releasing them into our field. Hopefully they will stay around our school and maybe even lay their eggs on some of our flowers so we can have some more caterpillars. 

Strawberry Picking in Skippers Garden

Skippers have been growing some fruit and vegetables in our garden. Today our strawberries were ready for picking and they tasted delicious! We really enjoyed eating something we had grown ourselves. Some of the words the children used to describe the strawberries were delicious, sweet, tasty and juicy! 

We can't wait to try our potatoes, carrots, radishes and lettuce when they have grown!

Skippers and Admirals had great fun Friday afternoon celebrating the Royal wedding. We made hats, wedding cards, flags to wave, designed wedding dresses, created Windsor castle using construction and dressed as Harry, Meghan and security. We really got into the spirit of things and it was lovely to see the children all so enthusiastic about it. 
Vicar James came to visit Skippers to talk about special clothes he wears at church as part of our RE topic. We were fascinated to learn about the different coloured scarves Vicar James has to wear and we found out what time of year they are worn. Thank you very much to Vicar James for coming in to see us.