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Summer Term 1

We did it!

Emperors were really excited to receive our medal for virtually completing walking the Appalachian Trail - that's a collective distance of 2,190 miles! 


In RE we have been thinking about how trees can be considered symbols. We spent time exploring the trees in our school environment, and thought about why they are so important. We then considered the Tree of Knowledge from the Christian Creation story and learned how this was also important in Judaism and Islam. Finally, we heard the Tale of the Three Trees, which talked about the role of trees in the life of Jesus: one formed the manger in the Christmas story, one formed the fishing boat when he calmed the Sea and one formed the cross when he was Crucified. 

Science - Planetarium visit

We enjoyed an exciting visit from a Planetarium, which once inflated filled our school hall! We were lucky enough to have two sessions, each led by Dave, an expert on all things space. We started our Earth and Space topic by learning about how the Earth travels around the Sun, why we have different phases of the Moon, and about how our planet is so perfectly located for life to exist. We also virtually visited each of the other planets in the Solar System, learning about their key features and their many moons! In our second session, we linked this newfound space knowledge to our new Music unit on "The Planets Suite" by Gustav Holst. We listened to the suite, which features music in different styles to match the different planets, and their related Roman Gods, while enjoying an amazing projected show from the comfort of the Planetarium. 


We completed another fun art activity, this time inspired by our focus text of The Wonder Garden. We created our own print designs on polystyrene tiles, then used rollers to apply paint, then to apply the design to paper. We experimented with different techniques to make them successful.


We have had a really fun week making our own bunting in Art. We were inspired by Asian tie-dye designs, which link with our study of the rainforests in Borneo. We created our tie-dye designs using elastic bands, then used different coloured dyes to create our jazzy patterns! Then, we cut our fabric into triangles and used either running stitch or backstitch to attach the two halves together. We think they look great!


We have been thinking about times tables our times tables in Maths lessons this week, and some of us created our own times tables games which we taught to the rest of the class. Lucy and Imogen's card game was particularly popular! We then thought about multiples and factors, and created our own factor rainbows as a method of checking that we had found all possible answers.


We completed our Geography topic by learning about Ordnance Survey symbols. We learned meanings of some key symbols, then went on a walk around Lockerley Village to identify key features that we then translated onto our own maps of the local area, incorporating accurate use of OS symbols.