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Summer Term 1


All of Key Stage 2 went on a shared visit to Roche Court to gain inspiration for our upcoming sculpture project. Despite the mixed weather, we had an amazing time studying a range of modern sculptures and discussing them with professional artists.


We learned about the different materials that sculptures could be made from, including bronze, fibreglass and limestone. We also learned about how some sculptures are made to be looked at, while others are to be experienced, like ‘Sky Station’, which was a seat designed to encourage you to look at the sky.  We had an amazing time!


In Science, we built parachutes out of paper, string and a cup, and had the challenge of helping a satsuma to safely descend to the ground. We had a competition to see which parachute would descend the slowest!


In RE we have been looking Buddhism, we learnt about the story of Buddha and what enlightenment means and how through the teachings of the Buddha, we can find enlightenment in our own lives. We explored the Buddhist festival of Wesak and made our own lanterns to help us meditate. We practised breathing exercises to help calm our minds and bodies.


Emperors have started the Summer Term by refreshing our sketching skills, and completing some amazing self portraits. We focused on shading, perspective and proportion, and look forward to developing these skills further throughout this term.


To start our learning about Alice in Wonderland, we have been thinking about different doors and what could be on the other side of them! All of the children learned the poem The Door by Miroslav Holub, and performed it in groups, thinking carefully about their speed, tone and clarity.