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Summer Term 2

Road Safety

Emperors joined over 2000 other children across Hampshire to learn about Road Safety. We talked about the Green Cross Code, and the importance of adhering to these rules whether you are walking or cycling. Children were really engaged by taking part in online polls, and we did so well that we were described as "perfect" in our responses! We thought about the importance of concentrating when crossing the road so that we can be safe, and recapped why we should wear a helmet whenever we cycle.


In PE, in addition to Swimming, we have really enjoyed taking part an Athletics Competition with local cluster schools. We have been practising and improving scores in sprinting, javelin throwing and long jumping.

The Biggest Sing

This week the whole school took part in Young Voices: The Biggest Sing! For this, we all learned 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers, including harmony parts. We took part in a Zoom call with thousands of other children across the world, and could view Billy Ocean and other performers singing live at the O2 Arena with us. It was an amazing experience, and we hope to hear soon if we have taken part in a new Guinness World Record!

Is anything impossible?

Emperors have had a lovely first week back at school! We have started the term by asking a new question: Is anything impossible? This has led to some interesting debates about scientific discoveries, and how our understanding of our world has changed as technology has improved. Our Science topic for this term is Earth and Space, following on from our Planetarium visit before Half Term, and our new class text is Curiosity - the story of the Mars Rover. This is a first person narrative from the point of view of the Rover, and we predicted what we thought the story would be about by ordering images from the text before we read it.